I’m on a mission to help beauty enthusiasts to achieve their goals. My passion is to create immersive experiences designed to inspire, educate, and elevate your skills. By joining us at the events, you’ll not only gain valuable knowledge and skills but also become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion.

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28 & 29 May

Concept to Capture

Workshop and Photoshoot for Makeup Artists

A hands-on for makeup artists workshop, where you’ll learn how to source visual references, research trends, and create unique makeup concepts that align with your artistic style. Gain practical experience executing your vision in a professional photoshoot and receive personalized feedback to refine your portfolio.

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photo by Barbara Veréb

21 June

Summer Beauty Workshop

Workshop for Private Clients hosted by CreativeYou

Join us for a beauty workshop where I will teach you how to enhance your unique beauty using well-chosen textures, shades, and placements for a naturally elevated look. The workshop covers skincare and makeup techniques suitable for hot summer days, addressing common concerns about wearing makeup in warm weather. 

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